Found a goat and ate a duck!!

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From fine dining to food and beverage shows, Orlando, Florida has it all! In this video, you’ll come with me and see the very peculiar things I got to try out at the show, like algae-based cooking oil, boxed water, and chocolate banana dream pops. I even found a “goat”!

After having fun with my family in Hollywood studios (props to our driver for recommending it) it was time for serious business: reviewing the Morimoto Asia restaurant at Disney Springs. We opted for the Chef's sampler sushi since I am a sushi lover and a Peking duck meal for two with rice and vegetables. The sushi had lean pieces of tuna, ebi and the ebi castila that basically shrimp powder. The plates were exquisite separately, but as a combo, it just didn’t work out. However, it was still delicious and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Their mixture of ambiance and interior design is so well done it creates an experience on its own. Service was five out of five. For me, one of the biggest things on fine dining is that the actual chef is 50 percent of the equation but then the experience is the other 50 percent. So considering everything, from the preparation, ambiance and great service, we could say the Morimoto Asia restaurant had the whole package!

View Morimoto Asia Restaurant Food Menu Here

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