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Geraldine vilato, MBA

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ABOUT Geraldine

A performance-driven operations executive passionate about improving efficiencies, increasing customer value, and creating new monetization opportunities.

Geraldine began her career over 15 years ago in Broadcast Media Production and Distribution at Univision Network. She was a part of the Digital Transformation Agile team that implemented Avid Interplay and transitioned the network from analog to a digital production environment. She also managed the implementation of the Media Asset Management System (MAM), as well as oversaw multiple phases of software development, ranging from systems analysis and workflow design to testing and launch.

In 2008, Geraldine served as Head Consultant and Director of product management (role served for clients) at Chrome Red Corp, a marketing & product management agency specializing in the design, development, and deployment of scalable custom solutions. Successfully launching all phases of new and existing product lines across different markets. In 2019, Geraldine founded and served as CEO of Wetonic, a new line of plant-based teas that promoted healthier lifestyles and wellness to customers. Geraldine currently serves as Chief Product Officer at Agua Media, where she oversees the product vision, strategy, and content development of the company, which provides a much-needed platform for Latino podcast listeners and creators who make up the New American Mainstream. 


Geraldine is a proven and proficient product management executive with expertise in developing, marketing, and selling a product. Focused on gathering and prioritizing requirements for the product, defining the vision, overseeing the product roadmap, and developing marketing and sales strategies.

My Work
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 Geraldine vilato, mba 


  • Product Management 

  • Product Development 

  • Portfolio Management 

  • Product Marketing 

  • Analytics 

  • Analytical Skills

  • Product Strategy

  • Cross-functional Team Leadership

  • Business Analysis

  • Agile Methodologies, Scrum

  • Product Roadmap 

  • Program Management 

  • Software development 

  • User Experience UX 

  • Data Analysis 

  • Process Improvement

  • Competitive Analysis 

  • Leadership 

  • Communication 

  • Teamwork 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Product Vision Refinement 



EVP & Head of Global Podcasts 

Dec 2022 - Current 

About the company:

Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) is a leading digital media and broadcasting company that owns and operates radio stations across the United States, with a strong focus on its global podcast division, SBS Podcasts. SBS is known for its diverse programming and commitment to serving the Hispanic community with its radio stations and mobile properties, including the popular mobile app "Musica." SBS Podcasts produces and distributes high-quality podcast content to listeners worldwide, covering various topics and catering to a diverse audience. SBS is dedicated to delivering the best digital entertainment and information to its audiences and is committed to providing them with the best digital media experience globally.


Key job duties:

  • Develop and implement the overall product strategy for the global podcast network.

  • Identify and evaluate new product opportunities and trends in the podcast industry.

  • Build and manage a cross-functional product development team.

  • Collaborate with other executive leaders to align product strategy with company goals and objectives.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key partners and stakeholders in the podcast industry.

  • Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for the product portfolio.

  • Manage the product development budget and resources.

  • Conduct market research and gather customer feedback to inform product development decisions.

  • Communicate the product vision and roadmap to internal stakeholders and external partners.

  • Ensure the timely launch of new products and features.

  • Identify and manage risks associated with product development.

  • Lead the development of marketing and promotional plans for new products and features.

  • Act as the primary representative for the company's product portfolio to the media, investors, and other external stakeholders.

Agua Media

Chief Product Officer

May 2022 - October 2022 - Contract

About the company:

Agua Media Podcast Network produces podcasts for the U.S. Latino+™ community by offering a wider angle view of conversations, storytelling, and interviews through the lens of new mainstream latinas and latinos.


Key job duties:

  • Led and grew an efficient and high-performing diverse product management team with an agile development culture focused on developing best-in-class media entertainment experiences.

  • Developed and foster an inclusive culture for all of our team members.

  • Responsible for the product strategy, product roadmap, product development, and requirements of our podcasts across the entire network.

  • Partner and collaborate closely with designers, engineers, analysts, marketers, scientists, and others to deliver on key roadmap priorities.

  • Identify breakthrough features and product innovations based on insights from quantitative and qualitative research, market analysis, and experimentation.

  • Leverage Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other partners' strengths in data, analytics, and testing frameworks to make informed decisions based on real user behaviors and insights.

  • Led product management for marketing technologies in the areas of campaign management, marketing messaging, audience targeting, performance/paid media management, marketing analytics, tagging & attribution, and customer data management.

  • Presented strategic views of product roadmaps to Leadership Teams, including executive-level management and the board of directors.

  • Deployed E.R.P. System, A/B testing and analytics tools.

  • Implemented digital content management systems, prototyping, wireframing tools, & project management tools.

  • Worked closely with partners in engineering, design, marketing & business to align the roadmap with the company's KPIs.

  • Supported efficiency for programming and editorial teams by building and delivering tools that support their use cases.

  • Led product development, toolchains, UX, and UI Design.


CEO & Founder

Oct 2019 - Apr 2022 (2 years 7 months)

About the company:

Wetonic is a consumer packaged goods wellness company. Manufacturers organic teas to help consumers to obtain a healthier lifestyle.


Key clients:

UNFI, KeHE, Publix, Whole Foods, Wegmans,, Albertsons/Safeway.


Key job duties:

  • Coordinate internal resources, ensuring growth projects remain within scope, schedule, and budgets in collaboration with team members from various functional departments.

  • Often served as a conduit between marketing, sales, and insights teams, facilitating ongoing communication and coordination of strategic projects.

  • Executed automated workflows, ERP systems, and data analysis dashboards.

  • Generated ideas to increase customer engagement/monetization.

  • Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies with internal teams.

  • Handled implementation and deployment of new product design, formulation, certifications, and compliance.

  • Build and sustain strong relationships with suppliers, third-party vendors, and customers.

  • Execute ad hoc requests with thoughtful analysis in coordination with cross-functional partners.

  • Occasionally create competitor content performance analysis as well as industry trend tracking.

  • Led marketing automation strategy for geo-targeting, re-marketing, and sales conversions.

  • Lead communication, develop process, and client success metrics, internal marketing, planning, and content stakeholders.

  • Increased brand awareness through B2B / B2C customer journey and automation workflows.

  • Growth project management of business initiatives from ideation to execution.

Chrome Red

Head Consultant / VP of Product Management (role served for clients)

Feb 2008 - Apr 2022 (14 years 3 months)

About the company:

Chrome Red is a marketing & product management agency specializing in the design, development, and deployment of scalable custom solutions.


Key clients:

Consumer Packaged Goods Clients: Green Good Pack, Gusto Risto Bar, Wetonic, Erik Fits Meals.


Health Care Clients: OrthoNow Franchises, Dr.G Medical Centers, Doral Foot & Ankle, Surgery Center at Doral, TRC Medical Practices, Otero Dental Centers, Gateway Dental, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center.


Telecommunications B.2.B. SaaS / B.2.C. SaasS: Ragz Tech, Llamada Real, LlamaNova.


Key job duties:

  • Ability to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the Product Management role as it applies to software development as well as to non-software projects & digital marketing.

  • Established great collaborative relationships with customers/stakeholders through open, transparent communication. Had a clear understanding of what is “value” to the customers.

  • Redirected client requests that needed to be in alignment with the product vision and or product roadmap to attain project success.

  • Great Collaborative relationship with the product development team, establishing a high level of trust between each other. Fully prepared to appropriately engage in all scrum events.

  • Led multiple product portfolio management and product marketing initiatives and worked alongside the engineering team, as well as other departments.

  • Experience with cross-functional team leadership, business analysis, process improvement, competitive analysis, and program management.

  • Conducted market research and data analytics initiatives to define clear strategies and project scopes.

  • Established a long-term product vision, as well as identified immediate product needs, product requirements, and roadmap.

  • Managed product launch timelines and feature prioritization and worked with cross-functional internal and external departments to refine the product strategy.

  • Optimized integrations, product development, testing, and launch.

  • Served as the main point of contact and provided ongoing support across partnerships.

  • Created highly organized documentation, standard operating procedures, workflows, and status documents.

  • Ensured that all quality, usability, and reliability standards were met.


Operations Manager - Avid

Jan 2005 - Oct 2013 (8 years 10 months)

About the company:

Univision is an American Spanish-language free-to-air television network owned by TelevisaUnivision. It is the United States' largest provider of Spanish-language content.


Key job duties:

  • Part of the digital transformation agile team. Implemented Avid Interplay and transition network from analog to digital production environment.

  • Managed the implementation of the Media Asset Management System (MAM) and multiple phases of software development ranging from systems analysis and workflow design to testing and launch.

  • Initial implementation of the Avid Interplay | MAM Media Asset Management System, initially intended as a tool to produce Digital Distributed media, is now a key component of Univision's News, Sports, Telenovela, and Live Programming output.

  • Responsible for maintaining a content data model, business rules documentation, and roadmap that supports product features, rights management, and technical operations throughout the content supply chain.

  • Obtained a holistic understanding of how content metadata is created, maintained, and consumed across the entire content supply chain.

  • Acted as a service organization, maintaining the streaming content data model under the oversight of the data teams and to the requirements of stakeholders across the company.

  • Maintained mapping documentation on content ingress and content egress.

  • Proactively reviewed the data model on a semi-annual base and looked for areas of improvement as the company’s business evolved.

  • Provided support on content reporting from the MAM and other tools.

  • Reviewed 3rd party sources for metadata augmentation.

  • Provided input on data validation, source-of-truth, and ownership across the content supply chain.

  • Worked closely with Product on content metadata delivery requirements for our distribution partners.

  • Worked closely with data architecture teams to ensure that relational models were in line with database architecture.



Executive Master of Business Administration  

Florida International University 2021  

Bachelors of Art in Art  

Florida International University 2020

 Licenses & Certifications 


Certified Agile Leadership Essentials® (CAL-E®)  |  Scrum Alliance

Issued May 2022 - Expires May 2024

Credential ID: 1587754


Certified Agile Leadership for Orgs® (CAL-O®)  |  Scrum Alliance

Issued May 2022 - Expires May 2024

Credential ID: 1587755


Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®)  |  Scrum Alliance

Issued Mar 2022 - Expires Mar 2024

Credential ID: 001338489

Honors & Awards 

Exceptional Graduate: You Make a Difference!  |  2021 

FIU Chapman Graduate School Of Business

National Society of Leadership & Success  |  2019


Special Recognition City of Doral  |  2016

City of Doral

The City of Miami Salutes Geraldine Vilato  |  2016

The City Of Miami

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